an 18 year old orphan girl named Aubrey 

who spent her entire life living in a cathedral of a tiny town, studying to be part of a devout order of warrior nuns.

Endlessly she cleaned and cared for dusty forgotten relics, while suffering through dreary boring lessons. All the while she dreamed of adventure.

When suddenly her beloved townsfolk are attacked. 

She thought herself Unwanted, till now

Everyone looks to her as the town’s protector, but the only thing she’s ever really protected is her books.

At her side, 15 year old neglected kid and a con man magician. Together they are the towns only hope.

a story about finding Your strength, overcoming doubts and the bonds formed by an unlikely trio of friends who come together to hunt a monster.

Threads of Darkness




Magic, Mystery and Adventure Await

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A woman carrying a club stands next to a short man holding a torch. They wear medieval clothing and stand in a dark cave



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Aubrey The Protector

An orphan raised and trained as a warrior-guardian by the Sisters of the Chalice, she must learn to trust and depend on others to face a grave danger.

Delvron the Shade

Prickly and studious, he rose above his station to study magic with anyone who would take him on as an apprentice. He longs for the respect and admiration of others that power can bring, but he might be very much in over his head when faced with true and ancient power.

FELD the Youth

A teenager who made some mistakes. To escape the mistreatment of his father, he did a favor for some unseemly folk. Can he escape from the consequence of his own actions? Can he turn his life around, before it’s too late?


Mentor, teacher, and spiritual guide, she is an example to all. She has seen many battles and protected the town from danger her whole life. When the call comes, she must pick up her sword again.

Seriously, I can’t wait to see more installments in this series!

-Angus M. (Review on Amazon)

Mila Pavlin

Writer and Illustrator

Mila is a user experience designer for video games, and is an advocate for accessibility and inclusive design. She has a life long love for tabletop RPG’s and Fantasy books.

Jayna Pavlin

Writer, World Designer, Illustrator 

Jayna is a game developer that has worked on everything from wrestling and sports games to Marvel licenses. She grew up reading comics and disappearing for the day on childhood adventures.